CTT Insurance Information

CTT Insurance

Should an accident occur involving either a competitor or an official associated with an event, the following clarification of the Cycling Time Trials’ third party insurance is provided, along with an outline of how to proceed should a claim be received.

Cycling Time Trials Open and Club Events

All approved events, whether Type A (Open) or Type B (Club), run “for and on behalf of Cycling Time Trials” and in accordance with the Cycling Time Trials’ Rules and Regulations as detailed in the current Cycling Time Trials’ handbook are covered by Cycling Time Trials’ third party liability policy.

The current third party liability policy provides indemnity in the event of a claim against the event officials involved in an approved event (event secretaries, timekeepers, pusher off, marshals, sign erectors, observers and all volunteer helpers, including catering provided by the event). (NB: Should a commercial organisation provide the catering, they must hold and provide evidence of appropriate insurance).

Cycling Time Trial National and District Officials 

The current insurance also extends to District Committee members and officers, together with any individuals tasked with undertaking activities on their behalf. This includes the course measurers, risk assessors and course designers whilst they are carrying out their duties, undertaking Cycling Time Trials business.

The same cover extends to members of the National Committee, its officers, and to any individuals tasked with undertaking activities on their behalf.

Limits of Liability

The limit of the Public and Products Liability is £10,000,000. This cover includes any claims received associated with the use of buildings hired as headquarters for an approved event.

Cycling Time Trials’ third party insurance covers accidents during approved events where a competitor to competitor claim is received.

Actioning a Claim and Incident Notification

If a claim is received against a competitor or any official associated with an approved event, details of the claim should be forwarded, without delay, to the National Secretary (Legal & Corporate), together with, or as part of the Accident/Incident Report Form, who in turn will inform Cycling Time Trials' insurance brokers.

Competitors in Cycling Time Trials Events

The insurance cover we have arranged is aimed primarily to protect race organisers and committees, including cover for claims arising from incidents involving competitors injuring other competitors or officials during an event.

Cycling Time Trials recommend that all competitors/cyclists should consider purchasing personal third party insurance, either through membership of a national cycling organisation, from a commercial source, or as part of their household insurance.

Should you require any further information or advice on insurance associated with Cycling Time Trials, or this statement, please do not hesitate to contact the National Secretary (Legal & Corporate).